Sell More with Contivio - a Top-Rated NetSuite Phone Integration System

By News on 12/4/20 1:42 PM

  Give your customers top-tier service and increase your sales agents’ efficiency by using Contivio by transforming your NetSuite into a fully fledged Contact Center Solution. Contivio is a cloud-based contact center and PBX solution that, when added to NetSuite, enables and automates engagement across multiple channels, including phone, chat, SMS, email, fax, and voicemail....

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Contivio’s IVR System – Part II

By Tim Dancey on 8/26/20 10:14 AM

  In our last blog, we detailed what an IVR system is and how it’s beneficial for both your customers and your clients alike. We’re back to talk more about other things you can accomplish by investing in an IVR system for your company....

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Self-Service IVR System for Business, from Contivio – Part I

By Tim Dancey on 8/26/20 10:06 AM

  As a business, you know that one of the most important things to do for your success is to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. This includes a person calling into your customer service center, contacting you for sales information, or needing to talk with any other department, like technical support, finances, and so forth. One of the best ...

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Contivio – The Leading CRM Phone Integrated Solution

By Tim Dancey on 8/26/20 9:39 AM

Contivio – the leading CRM phone integrated solution on the market – is here to help you drive efficiency and customer experience by giving your agents the telephony tools they need. Contivio seamlessly integrates right into your existing CRM, extending your investment and allowing your teams to do more....

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Contivio – Call Center Software with Quality Controls for Remote Workers

By Tim Dancey on 7/22/20 1:53 PM

Businesses around the world have had to adapt quickly to remote work, which for some has unfortunately meant a reduction in customer experience and satisfaction. With the Contivio call center software solution, you can have remote workers AND have all the tools you need to ensure that your agents are giving customers the best experience possible. In this blog, we’re going to cover the quality ...

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Contivio's Summer 2020 Dashboard Release

By Tim Dancey on 5/27/20 6:48 PM

As your sales, customer service, and support teams are working from home, it’s more important than ever to have detailed insight into the efficiency of your call center. With that in mind, we’re pleased to release our next-generation dashboard for supervisors and agents. Simply select the “UPGRADE DASHBOARD” icon at the top right of your screen (when you login to the dashboard) and within seconds ...

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Contivio – A leading Cloud Contact Center Solution – Is Built From the Ground Up

By Tim Dancey on 4/16/20 1:06 PM

Contivio offers many features and functionality options that set us apart from competitors, but the thing that makes us the most unique is that we’ve built the entire Contivo system from the ground up, by hand, right here in house. Contivio is a call center and PBX solution that seamlessly integrates with your CRM and allows your team to do more. ...

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The Benefits of Using NetSuite Case Management

By Tim Dancey on 10/10/19 4:12 PM

A lot of clients ask us about NetSuite’s case management capabilities, and want to learn how they can integrate cases with their call center. We connected with our partners at NetSuite and our in-house CRM experts to give you the run-down on Case Management, and how you can take your NetSuite cases a step further with Contivio’s Omnichannel contact center solution....

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Automatic Dialers 101: Which auto-dialers are available and what are the benefits of each?

By Tim Dancey on 2/26/18 12:22 PM

Automatic Dialers are used to improve agent efficiency in outbound or blended contact centers. If your Sales or Customer Service team has hundreds - or thousands - of numbers to dial, automatic dialing maximizes productivity and saves hours of valuable agent time. With the extra time savings, agents are able to focus on what they do best: speaking to prospects and customers. In this article, ...

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How can you use NetSuite cases with Live Chat?

By Tim Dancey on 1/29/18 12:29 PM

Since NetSuite Case Management goes hand-in-hand with customer service & support, Contivio has developed seamless integration with cases across all channels - including live chat....

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