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Adding Contivio phone system integration to your NetSuite CRM will give you a robust all-in-one solution for outbound lead generation. Take your sales and marketing up a notch with NetSuite, Contivio, and Bronto seamlessly working together for email, SMS, and call campaigns. They easily capture and share data to make your sales reps as informed and effective as possible.

Bronto, part of the NetSuite family, delivers powerful and flexible email marketing solutions that maximize customer data and deliver great customer experiences.

Contivio is a cloud-based call center system that integrates with NetSuite to provide top-level customer service and fast lead conversion.

Here’s an example of how a marketing campaign could work using Contivio, NetSuite, and Bronto together for outbound lead generation.

We’ll start by sending an email via Bronto. Bronto’s sophisticated system analyzes each recipient’s behavior. Did they open the email? Did they click on any links? Did they forward the email? Depending on our marketing goals, we can set up actions that can be triggered by those results.

This is where Contivio comes in. For example, if a recipient opens an email and subsequently clicks on a link, Contivio can screen pop a sales rep to follow up with the email recipient. We can make the triggers very specific or broad, and, since they are completely automated between Bronto, NetSuite, and Contivio, reps are freed up and able to focus on what they do best: speaking to prospects and customers.

After collecting data from the email campaign, we can build and save a targeted/filtered group in NetSuite, then launch a voice and/or interactive voice response (IVR) auto-dialer campaign directly from NetSuite with Contivio. We could also send an SMS text or to our saved group.

For an auto-dialer campaign, Contivio will screen pop all the information about a contact on a sales agent’s monitor so that the agent can preview information about the contact before calling them. This allows the agent to be more prepared before speaking to the contact, leading to more personalized experiences.

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Any interactions with the contact are recorded and logged in their record, helping to round out the contact’s profile for reporting and quality-assurance purposes.

Contivio will continue to manage all channels and engagements post-campaign launch, and will also push key data to NetSuite to achieve 360-degree marketing metrics. Using Contivio’s post-media activity logging, we are able to pull reports to see if our outbound lead generation efforts drove sales or inquiries.

From start to finish, Contivio, NetSuite, and Bronto offer a powerful and seamless solution for your marketing campaigns for outbound lead generation. Book a demo today to see why Contivio is a top-rated phone and enterprise contact center solution and partner of choice for NetSuite.



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