Inbound Lead Generation and Tracking with Contivio & NetSuite

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It takes a lot of effort and money to get your product out in the world, so when customers start calling, you want to make sure they have the best experience possible! As a business, you also want to make sure you are providing those experiences in a cost-effective and timely manner. Set your sales agents up for success with your inbound lead generation campaigns and Contivio.

Contivio integrates with NetSuite and any other CRM or ticketing system to manage all incoming communication and media traffic with comprehensive contact center inbound features – voice, voicemail, fax, SMS, email, and chat. We extend NetSuite’s core functionality so that you can provide the very best in personalized service, turning prospects into customers with both outbound and inbound lead generation.

With Contivio, the first time a prospect engages with your business, they can be routed to the most qualified reps based on competency, skills, or territory. After a prospect is assigned to a sales agent, they will always be automatically routed to that agent. 

If a prospect has filled out a web form, Contivio quickly queues a follow-up call or event for a sales agent so that a lead will never go cold. Contivio makes inbound lead generation as easy as possible for the sales agent and the customer.

One of the most beneficial features of Contivio is the ability to create multiple vanity phone numbers that can be tracked and analyzed. Imagine a company that is ready to launch a new product. They have a robust budget and will be advertising via multiple channels – websites, radio ads, television infomercials, sponsoring social influencers, and so on. For each channel, they advertise a different phone number for customers to call.


As prospects start calling, Contivio automatically records the inbound number that was dialed, as well as all any additional information about that person. Does the lead convert to a sale? How much was the sale for? How long did it take?

All of this data can be run through NetSuite, where the call center statistics can be tied to the sales metrics. In this instance, we can learn which advertising campaigns gave us the biggest return on investment, because Contivio kept track of the customer’s history from the original inbound number that was linked to a specific ad. 

With access to such data, the company can now analyze it to drive decisions about its future marketing and advertising strategies.

Contivio’s contact center and phone software can help to increase your inbound lead generation by providing customers with improved experiences, increasing your agent productivity, and helping your organization make better operating and marketing decisions. Book a demo to see how Contivio easily integrates with NetSuite or your CRM.



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