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When your business gains a new customer, every single step should be taken to ensure that they are supported and all of their questions are answered. Contivio simplifies customer service with automated customer retention initiatives. Without question, customer satisfaction directly affects customer retention and ultimately, profits. The following scenarios detail how to not just get customers, but also keep them, with Contivio.

From the Start

Congratulations! You have successfully gained a new customer. Your business is growing, and your customers are satisfied. However, after the initial excitement of their experience has worn off, you’ve noticed that they’ve slowed down on purchases. Thankfully, Contivio’s automated customer retention system has already picked that up and has screen popped one of your most capable sales representatives to reach out and re-engage with the customer. With the ability to screen pop any CRM record/view from any of our supported media channels (voice, voicemail, chat, email, fax, and/or SMS), your team members are prepared for any engagement.

After an Interaction 

When one of your representatives is finished chatting with your customer, Contivio’s automated customer retention software will direct the customer to complete a follow-up survey. Surveys and follow-ups can be triggered automatically via SMS text or IVR (interactive voice response) to gather reviews and performance ratings. The results of these surveys are then pinned back to the client record in the CRM, so that you and your customer service representatives can review the survey results and take any necessary action if the customer was dissatisfied. 

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Contivio’s automated customer retention initiatives give your company the opportunity to not only collect customer feedback, but also act upon it. When a survey is pinned back to the client record, this information can be accessed and used at any time for training or feedback purposes. 

If you’re noticing a significant drop in customer satisfaction, Contivio’s automated customer retention initiatives can pull reports for the respondents based on how they responded to the survey, so that you can set tasks for yourself or others to follow up with these people. 

At the end of the day, customer expectations continue to rise. With readily available, real-time information provided by Contivio’s automated customer retention software, you’re able to address their immediate needs. With Contivio, your team can tackle multiple interactions while still providing the high-end quality service customers have grown to expect. Book a demo now to see how we can improve your customer retention.



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