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Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center - Built for NetSuite

Give your customers top-tier service and increase your sales agents’ efficiency by using Contivio by transforming your NetSuite into a fully fledged Contact Center Solution. Contivio is a cloud-based contact center and PBX solution that, when added to NetSuite, enables and automates engagement across multiple channels, including phone, chat, SMS, email, fax, and voicemail.

For Customer Support, Contivio can screen pop new and existing cases — all in real time and without ever leaving NetSuite. Our NetSuite Agent Toolbar will give your agents the information they need to action requests and speed up resolution rates.

With Contivio for outbound sales reps their entire day can be organized through dialer campaigns, click-to-dial and CRM scheduled calls. All of this is done through their NetSuite CRM interface. Contivio automates your agent’s workflows, saving time, giving the customer a seamless experience, and ultimately streamlining your lead-to-quote process.

Here are some examples of Contivio in action that illustrate how it naturally works as your NetSuite phone integration system for superb customer relationship management:

  • If a customer fills out a form online, initiates a chat, or sends an email, Contivio automatically notifies the sales team via a screen pop. 

Gif example of Contivio screen pop

  • Any new leads that come either before or after business hours will automatically be queued up as an outbound dialer call.
  • Contivio ensures that any leads or customers are directed to the right agent with the best skills and qualifications for the interaction. If a customer has previous interactions with the company, they are directed to the agent already handling the engagement.

Gif demonstration of chat/customer info

  • Any appointments or tasks scheduled in NetSuite will be automatically queued by Contivio at the correct time. A call will be triggered or a screen pop will alert the agent when it is time for the appointment.
  • Contivio can send reminders to a customer before a scheduled appointment via whatever channel the customer prefers. It can be a text confirming an appointment 24 hours before, an email, a phone call, etc.


  • When agents are not busy handling inbound engagements, Contivio will present to them outbound leads and customers to call by category and priority (e.g., warm leads, cold leads). You can also set up automatic dialer campaigns that pull from NetSuite lists.
  • Contivio automatically stores all engagements, notes, and recordings from all communications channels, and links them to each customer.

Gif demo of customer profiles and history

  • Surveys and follow-ups can be automatically triggered via SMS text or IVR (interactive voice response) to gather reviews and performance ratings. 

When you combine NetSuite and Contivio, you provide your agents with the best tools to improve customer experiences, generate leads faster, shorten the sales cycle, and improve productivity. Book a demo today to see why Contivio is a partner of choice and top-rated Contact Center Solution.


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