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NetSuite Case Management Integration

Supporting customers throughout every step of their journey with your products is crucial, especially if complications arise. The ability to intake, route, escalate, and resolve issues is exactly what NetSuite's case management integration system was designed to do.

Take your NetSuite cases a step further with the integration of Contivio’s omnichannel contact center solution. From the benefits of NetSuite Case Management to how the integration process works, we’ll show you everything you need to know.

What is NetSuite Case Management Integration? 

NetSuite Case Management, part of NetSuite CRM, is a ticketing system for organizing, routing, and responding to customer inquiries or support issues that arise via email or any other media channel.

Cases are automatically created from emails sent from leads, prospects, or customers. These emails are usually sent to group email addresses (for example, or From there the case is routed to a rep, who can either resolve it or find someone better for the case. When the customer receives the response from the rep, they can reply to the message, which will be added to the original case record and emailed directly to a capable rep. Once the case has been tagged “resolved,” the support rep can close it and move on to the next one.

Though email is the most common method, cases can also be created manually in real time from calls, live chat, or other channels using Contivio’s Built For NetSuite (“BFN”) offering. For example, if a customer calls or chats your customer care team about an issue, the customer care specialist is able to manually create a case under the customer’s record.

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NetSuite’s case management integration helps to seamlessly automate and organize the business processes associated with customer inquiries and issues. With NetSuite’s all-in-one view of the customer, it’s easy to track your support cases by product, issue, case type, rep, or customer, and then tie that information back to your bottom line (in terms of renewals, revenue, and customer satisfaction). They also have self-servicing capabilities so that customers can track the status of their cases or access a knowledge base to get the answers they need independently.

NetSuite Case Management Integration and You

Since Case Management goes hand in hand with customer service and support, Contivio has developed seamless integration with cases across all channels.

The benefit of tying Contivio into your NetSuite case management workflow is that Contivio can offer more advanced routing rules, additional self-servicing capabilities, and screen pops for cases needing attention on any channel. 

In addition to that, Contivio also provides holistic reporting with real-time dashboards, so you can have a true sense of all customer interactions taking place in your call center at once.

When you combine NetSuite and Contivio, you provide your agents with the best tools to improve customer experiences, generate leads faster, shorten the sales cycle, and improve productivity. Book a demo today to see why Contivio is a partner of choice and top-rated NetSuite contact center solution.



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