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Give your customers top-tier service and increase your sales agents’ efficiency by using Contivio to communicate with your customers across all channels. With Contivio, you can engage with your customers via their preferred contact method, whether it’s phone, email, chat, SMS, or fax. With Contivio’s intelligent omnichannel routing functionality, your agents can easily multi-task, responding to live chats while running dialer campaigns or emailing.

Intelligent Omnichannel Routing Benefit: Voice & Voicemail 

Contivio’s cloud solution gives you the flexibility to transform any Mac or PC into a full-fledged phone system with nothing more than an app and a headset. Answer and dial all calls through an intuitive toolbar that contains all standard phone functions, like call transfer, personal voicemail, call hold, call scripts, conferencing, and more.

Intelligent Omnichannel Routing Benefit: Live Chat

Be there every step of the way, with Contivio’s live chat. Chats can be routed to agents through a queue, or you can choose to have one agent handling multiple customer chats at once.
When an incoming chat comes in, Contivio’s intelligent omnichannel routing system will pop the most relevant screen in your CRM, and your agent can respond within the toolbar without losing any screen real estate. For quality assurance, all conversations are logged in your CRM after the chat is over, along with the notes, disposition, and chat duration.

Intelligent Omnichannel Routing Benefit: SMS & Text Messaging

Cell phones provide ease and access to everyone, all in the palm of their hand. As texting has become a prime method of communication, it’s important to have SMS capabilities for your business and customer service needs.
Whether you want to broadcast a message from your CRM, send survey questions after a call has ended, or automatically text your customer after an order has been shipped, Contivio’s intelligent omnichannel routing has you covered. Inbound SMS is also supported and can be routed to the best rep for the job.

Intelligent Omnichannel Routing Benefit: Email & Web Forms

If you are looking to integrate your current ticketing platform, you can use Contivio to route inbound emails through your queue and send screen pops with the customer’s information to your agents. This allows agents to easily respond within Contivio’s composer.

When a new lead fills out a web form on your website, Contivio can automatically screen-pop the lead’s information in your CRM and begin dialing for the next available sales rep. This ensures that your sales reps will follow up quickly, keeping your new leads engaged and increasing conversion rates.

Intelligent Omnichannel Routing Benefit: Fax

Ditch your clunky old-fashioned fax machine and streamline faxes within the Contivio toolbar. On the inbound side, Contivio’s intelligent omnichannel routing system can queue the faxes that come in and route them to the next available rep while also popping the most relevant record in your CRM.

Contivio uniquely integrates directly into your existing CRM seamlessly to give both your agents and customers the tools they need to have a great experience every time. Click here to schedule a free demo to learn more about Contivo’s IVR system for business, or contact us with any questions.




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