Prepare for the Holidays with Contivio's Holiday IVR

By Sarah Buchanan on 11/16/23 11:30 AM

As the air fills with anticipation and the aroma of holiday feasts, Thanksgiving approaches, marking the onset of the festive season! Amidst the joyous celebrations, ensuring uninterrupted customer connections remains paramount, especially when your office is closed. At Contivio, we comprehend the importance of maintaining a seamless customer experience, even during holiday closures. Enter ...

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Maximizing 1-to-1 SMS for Enhanced Customer Engagement

By Sarah Buchanan on 11/14/23 9:58 AM

Unlock the power of personalized customer interactions with our comprehensive tutorial video on setting up 1-to-1 SMS using Contivio’s intuitive softphone or toolbar. Learn how to seamlessly send and receive text messages, including images, while mastering outbound caller ID settings and managing multiple threads for uninterrupted communication, revolutionizing your customer engagement strategies....

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The Contivio Chatbot in Action

By Sarah Buchanan on 11/14/23 9:49 AM

Discover how Contivio’s pioneering Chatbot redefines customer engagement within your CRM. Seamlessly transitioning between automation and live agent support, it empowers your customers with self-service features for order updates and tracking while ensuring peak efficiency for your agents....

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SuiteWorld 2023 Recap: Transforming Customer Engagement with Contivio and NetSuite

By Sarah Buchanan on 10/24/23 9:12 AM

Welcome back to the Contivio blog! We are thrilled to share the exciting highlights from SuiteWorld 2023, a remarkable event that took place in Las Vegas from October 16-19. As proud participants and Silver Sponsors, we were keen to showcase how Contivio is revolutionizing the customer engagement landscape alongside NetSuite’s groundbreaking advancements....

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Unlock the Power of NetSuite Integration with Contivio at SuiteWorld 2023

By Sarah Buchanan on 10/2/23 1:19 PM

We are thrilled to announce our return to SuiteWorld as a Silver Sponsor! For the past five years, Contivio has been the exclusive call center platform at SuiteWorld, and this year promises to be our most exciting yet. Join us at booth #437 and be sure to attend our live session in the Expo Hall on Wednesday, October 18th at 11:25am. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to see how Contivio has ...

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Introducing the Contivio Mobile App: Your Contact Center On-The-Go

By Sarah Buchanan on 9/27/23 2:01 PM

At Contivio, we know your most impactful communications don’t always happen behind a desk and we believe data accessibility shouldn’t be tied to a physical location. Whether you are a customer support agent checking on order fulfillment in the warehouse, or a supervisor looking to monitor agents from Starbucks, the Contivio mobile app makes it easy to stay connected anywhere, at any time. Take ...

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Announcing: Live Chat Conferencing

By Tim Dancey on 6/30/23 7:58 AM

Similar to a consultative transfer on a voice call, swiftly bridge agents into your live chat thread to better assist customers and improve the overall CX. In this day and age, more and more people prefer to live chat with an agent rather than having to call into a queue and speak over the phone. If agents can easily transfer a phone call to another agent that has the technical skill or knowledge ...

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NetSuite VoIP Integration - Contivio

By Tim Dancey on 12/9/22 11:06 AM

NetSuite is arguably the #1 ERP in the world and one of the best ways to track an immense amount of customer data. Now I want you to envisage taking your integrated data from all your customer interactions and plugging it into your NetSuite environment. This marriage of indispensable data would be staggering and could help drastically improve customer satisfaction and streamline the lead-to-cash ...

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Contivio & NetSuite - The Ultimate Contact Center in the Cloud

By Tim Dancey on 11/30/22 11:50 AM

Contivio & NetSuite have combined to deliver the ultimate contact center in the cloud. Every NetSuite instance can be extended into a powerful call center product coupled with omnichannel capabilities where customers can choose their channel of choice (e.g., Voice, SMS/MMS, Email and Live Chat). Our leading NetSuite integrations have revolutionized the concept of contact center deployment, ...

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Announcing: Audio & Visual Dashboard Alerts

By Tim Dancey on 11/2/22 9:42 AM

Comprehensive Dashboards, coupled with synchronous notification are crucial when tracking call center performance. That's why we are thrilled to announce three (3) new updates to our Contivio Real-time Dashboards. These practical, yet game-changing features will help simplify day-to-day queue and staff management with ease. Introducing: Flashing Alerts, Audio Alerts, and Disconnected State Icon....

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