Maximizing 1-to-1 SMS for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Posted by Sarah Buchanan on 11/14/23 9:58 AM

Unlock the power of personalized customer interactions with our comprehensive tutorial video on setting up 1-to-1 SMS using Contivio’s intuitive softphone or toolbar. Learn how to seamlessly send and receive text messages, including images, while mastering outbound caller ID settings and managing multiple threads for uninterrupted communication, revolutionizing your customer engagement strategies.


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Topics: Contact Center Features

Written by Sarah Buchanan

Sarah Buchanan
Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sarah now resides in Orange County, CA with her family. In addition to a strong background in sales and customer success, Sarah has 7 years of call center management experience. Her deep understanding of the crucial requirements for both users and supervisors within a contact center platform sets her apart, making her a valuable asset to the Contivio team.