White Labs Streamlines Global Operations, with Contivio’s Leading NetSuite Integration

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The manufacturing company White Labs was seeking a solution to increase efficiencies and sales order volumes, and to incorporate omnichannel tools to best serve their customers through multiple channels. With Contivio launches across multiple sites, White Labs was able to take sales and customer service to the next level.

Contivio Integration

White Labs is the global leading manufacturer of liquid yeast for the production of fermented beverages. White Labs produced the industry’s first pitchable (each vile of yeast is designed to be used directly in 5-gallon increments) liquid yeast and has completely revolutionized the way it is propagated and packaged. Dedicated to science, education, and craft, White Labs provides yeast to everyone from homebrewers, to many of the top beer, wine, cider, and distilled brands in the world.


Contivio’s NetSuite Integration Solution

Since their integrating NetSuite with Contivio’s Contact Center solution, White Labs has increased staff efficiency with screen-pops and integrated Live Chat.

Contivio Integration

White Labs has also benefited from improvements to their comprehensive reporting, offering better visibility across the business. Contivio's callback feature has given White Labs the ability to leverage better callbacks to customers, and it has mitigated skewed reporting data.

"After going through an incredibly difficult integration with our last software go-live, I was worried about taking on another. The Contivio team completely proved I had nothing to worry about. They did all of the heavy lifting, perfectly executing our integration on time and on budget. Our capacity to field orders drastically increased when we launched NetSuite, and that number has continued to expand since our Contivio go-live."

-Kathryn Small, White Labs, Special Projects Manager 


Contivio NetSuite Integration and Your Business

One benefit of integrating Contivio into your NetSuite instance is that the integration can offer more advanced routing rules, additional self-servicing capabilities, and screen pops across all native and custom CRM/ERP forms. 

In addition, Contivio integration also provides holistic reporting with real-time dashboards, so you can have a true sense of all customer interactions taking place in your call center at once.

When you choose Contivio’s NetSuite integration, you provide your agents with the best tools to improve customer experiences, generate leads faster, shorten the sales cycle, and improve productivity. Book a demo today to see why Contivio is a NetSuite partner of choice and a top-rated NetSuite contact center solution.



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